Cling On! Brush Round 16
Cling On! Brush Round 16

Cling On! Brush Round 16

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Cling On! Round Brush R16 is a medium round paint brush perfect for painting medium areas particularly spindles and intricate details.
CLING ON! paint brushes are the absolute top of the line synthetic brush for all water borne paints.

Cling On! features: - Extremely strong... but still gentle! - Extreme durability - Amazing shape retention - Can be used with all water based products - Super easy to clean - even Milk Paint! - Superb cutting in - Minimize brush marks for a smoother finish -Super soft - Super affordable!

The very BEST BLEND of specially engineered SYNTHETIC FILAMENTS  in various lengths and diameters, made in the USA by  Industry leader DuPont are secured into the stainless steel ferrule by epoxy cement, ensuring there is ZERO filament shedding.

Cling On! brushes are handmade in Holland and offer SUPERIOR paint application for all water based paints. Cling On! Brushes have been designed and brought to life by veteran painter Frank Michielsen.  With over 30 years in the industry Frank’s experience and expertise has created the most amazing paint brushes.


- Strong...but still gentle!

- Excellent coverage with a smoother finish

- Exceptional shape retention

- Self cleaning

- Superb cutting in

- Extreme durability


Let your cling On! absorb some water before using it for the first time, so it gets the proper flex. Remove excess water by spinning the handle between your hands. 

Do not allow your brush to dry out. Once finished painting, rinse upside down in water until the water runs clear, then keep it hanging in water (brush keeper) without the bristles touching the bottom. The filaments are specially treated to release the paint. The next day almost all the remaining paint will have left the brush. Replace the water each day in the brush keeper.

Ideally, Cling Ons should be stored in a brush keeper to allow the bristles to hang in the water. 

* DO NOT remove the strings at the base of the round and oval brushes. this helps the brush keep its shape.